Association Management System

Computing Tools for REALTOR® Associations

"Invisible, insubstantial, and invaluable: Business processes are the often-unrecognized backbone of an association." Wes Trochlil, Associations Now, November, 2009

Navica Streamline AMS Special Pricing

-Streamline AMS is affordably priced by the association staff user
-One staff "super user" is required.. then just add additional staff users as needed
-A one time setup fee is based on the number of association members and includes setup, implementation, and Webinar training
-Onsite training is available for an additional fee
-Monthy user fee includes 24 hour technical support
-No hidden costs, and we do not charge "by the feature" or "by the hour."
-Non Member application form via public facing portal - from Navica Website or third party website using a framed link 
-Non Members can register for events and pay invoices by credit card of electronic check and/or take a survey.

Includes Event Module | Set up education courses and/or membership meetings

-Mandatory and Continuing Education Courses
-Special Events, Conferences, Trade Shows
-Committee & Board of Director Meetings
-General Membership Meetings
-Registration email confirmation that includes event, registration, and ecommerce info
-Online Event Registration and Payment Processes
-On Demand Event Registration Roster
-Target Events to specific groups
-Targeted Marketing for Event from Web or PC
-Publish Event on Navica Website so that Non Members can add themselves to the Intranet and register for the event.
-For a fee a custom framing link can be added to publish events on 3rd party Websites
-Copy simple or complex events to a new event on another date/time 
-Event Registration Sales Receipt Flows to QuickBooks®
-Event Credit Card or Echeck posts as Undeposited Fund in QuickBooks®
-NRDS Education Report provides display/print option for identifying members who have attended OR who have not attended a particular education course. This report is great for identifying members who have not taken the required Quadrenial Code of Ethics course.
-Includes PC Desktop Event Software (Microsoft Office Access) upon request
-The event description is a Rich Text (html) Editor which allows for a graphical advertisement of the event.
-Accomodation for Non Member registrations and/or multiple Non Members added to member registration.

Includes Polling Module | Set up annual elections, membership surveys, and/or bylaw change ratification

-Streamline AMS provides tools for REALTOR® association executives to manage board elections. Group candidates and eligible voting members. Create online election ballots so that members can cast online votes for officers and directors.
-When election results are certified, members will be notified with the results instantly!
-The polling module also provides for creating membership surveys!

-Copy elections structures for the next annual election of officers and directors.

Includes Services Module | Set up QuickBooks® Items for events and/or billings

-Add Service Items for events, invoicing, and other services
-Service Items automatically synchronizes with QuickBooks Items
-Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor and Developer

Includes E-Commerce Module |  Process credit cards and/or E-checks

-Multi-entity E-Commerce Processing
-REALTOR® E-Commerce Network External Interface implemented for all online credit card and electronic check processing
-All credit card transactions are processed in a secured area on our Website with annual SSL certificate updates
-Streamline AMS satisfies the National Association of REALTORS® Website security requirements
-Streamline AMS understands that REALTOR® advocacy is at the heart of the association lobbying and political influence.
-E-Commerce makes it easy for REALTORS® to contribute to the REALTORS® Political Action Committee when paying annual membership dues and throughout the year.
-Streamline AMS supports all NAR payment methods: credit cards, eChecks, etc. 

"Real-time" Sync Streamline AMS Offices, Members, Invoices, Credits, and Payments with QuickBooks® Financial Software

Includes User Management Module | Manage offices and agents

-Single point of entry of offices and agents in NRDS and QuickBooks®!
-NRDS Synchronization and "Real-time" Processing
Streamline AMS is on the short list of real-time NRDS Central Database service providers
-NRDS DIFF Report to help with identifying "out of sync" records
-User Change Log Report to help with identifying the source of modifications as well as what fields were modifided
-Navica Streamline AMS now has the functionality and infrastructure to support a statewide association and/or MLS solution.
-Multi-Entity NRDS "Point of Entry" features  

Includes User Group Management Module | Set up committes and/or billing groups

-Streamline User Group Management
-Create custom User Groups like Board of Directors and Committees
-Create natural User Groups like "All Active Primary REALTORS®"   
-Create User Groups for billing services like Annual Board Dues, MLS Fees, Lockbox Fees, RETS Fee, etc.
-Manage Event Groups (automatically created and populated from registrations)
-Publish User Groups on Navica Websites automatically

Includes Campaign Management Module | Communicate with your members

-Communicate with User Groups
-Target Specific User Groups for Billing; MLS, REALTOR® Dues, etc.
-Target Specific User Groups with a Online News feature
-Target Specific Users Groups with an eMail Notification tool using rich-text, WYSIWYG/HTML Editor
-Target Specific User Groups with Emergency Mobile Phone Text Messages
-Export Specific User Groups to CSV -> Micorsoft Office -> Service Provider
-Create Invoices for Specific User Groups then publish approved invoices in QuickBooks®
-Add Late Fee to invoices that are past due.
-Enter checks in Streamline and flag for posting to
QuickBooks®.. members have a record on their Paid Invoice Web page.
-Copy Invoice Campaign strutures for similar billings
-The email body and online news body is a Rich Text (html) Editor which allows for a graphical messaging.


Includes AMS Home Statistics | Receive daily updates and record user group counts

-Streamline Group Analysis and Statistics
-Streamline AMS captures daily association and industry statistical data by entity that will help local, state, and national REALTOR® community specialists identify association and industry trends.
-Environment trend analysis and reporting will provide REALTOR® communities with intelligent information for planning budgets as well as member programs and services.

Includes Security Management Module | Grant access rights to specific modules

Streamline AMS provides the tools for managing staff user access. A required Streamline AMS Super User is granted access to all association modules and establishes module access rights for additional users. 

Includes Preferences Management Module | Set up system and modular preferences

Streamline AMS provides the tools to build custom Categories for each module and select data processing Preferences.

-Build Invoice Template for automatic "Bill to Office" (list billing) or Agent invoices


Includes Entity Management Module | Set up multiple entities for Association

-Streamline AMS provides tools for multi-entity management: Corporation, Trade Association, MLS Company, REALTOR® Political Action Committee, Education Foundationetc.
-This feature allows administrators to create user groups, events, and services for specific companies without logging in and out (as you would in QuickBooks).
-All companies access one central database of user members and offices!  

Includes Common User Functions/Features |

User Functions/Features:

-My Calendar
-My Contacts
-My Home
-Navica User eLogin Security

Community Functions/Features:

-Community Document Center
-Community Link Center
-Community Notifications and Announcements
-Community Calendars
-Cummunity Forums (Blogs)
-Office and Agent News

Administrative Functions/Features:

-Office and Agent Rosters
-Member Office Transfers
-Company Flow down