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You may already be using QuickBooks® Financial Software!

QuickBooks® Financial Software and Software as a Service is Designed for Small Business REALTOR® Enterprises  

Some have discouraged Navica Streamline AMS prospects by falsely stating that QuickBooks® financial software is not a serious financial management solution for trade associations. The truth is that QuickBooks® financial management software was designed for "not for profit" and "for profit" small business enterprises.

The Small Business Association (SBA) has a section called Office of Size Standards that defines the appropriate size for a small business. The size standards are broken by NAICS industry classification and are based on two things (a) size standards in millions of dollars; and (b) by number of employees. In most industries, 500 is the maximum for small businesses, though there are industries where a business can have 1000-1500 employees yet still considered "small business"

Question - How many employees does your organization retain?

-If your answer is less than 500, you are most likely a small business enterprise. There is a QuickBooks® solutions for you, and we can help!

Financial Software and Software as a Service Options

Systems Engineering, Inc. makes every effort to accommodate the computing requirements of the REALTOR® industry by building and supporting "time tested" Software and Software as a Service solutions. Navica branded products and services meet the demanding computing needs of the real estate industry by delivering Multiple Listing Services for thousands of licensed REALTOR® agents and offices across the United States. 

In 2008 Systems Engineering delivered financial computing tools to Navica Revolution MLS companies and real estate brokerage firms to help manage agents, offices, service invoicing, and online payments.

In 2009 Systems Engineering expanded its financial feature set delivering Navica Streamline Association Management Software as a Service computing tools to local and state REALTOR® organizations. Financial tasks like annual dues and event registration process added even more value to the growing brand of Navica Web services.

Research has determined that most REALTOR® enterprises use QuickBooks® Software and Software as a Service, products like the following: 
-QuickBooks® Pro Software 
-QuickBooks® Premier Software
-QuickBooks® Enterprise Software 

-QuickBooks® Online 

For this and many other reasons, Systems Engineering has decided that Intuit's QuickBooks® financial software makes sense for managing "mission critical" small business data for REALTOR® advocacy and industry entities. 

Navica Streamline AMS integrates with QuickBooks® PC Software and 
QuickBooks® Online!

As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and Developer as well as a REALTOR® E-Commerce Network External Interface specialist, Systems Engineering recommends QuickBooks® Premier or QuickBooks® Enterprise software for most REALTOR® associations. And to guarantee the best experience for Navica local and state REALTOR® association staff and volunteers, we "partner" with a network of qualified Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors nationwide. These Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors deliver local support for Intuit products and services. This provides a win, win, win situation for all stakeholders!

Navica Streamline AMS provides support for the REALTOR® E-Commerce Network External Interface. This service provided by the National Association of REALTORS®, allows members to use credit cards or electronic checks to pay for products and services online, services like annual dues, MLS service fees, events, RPAC contributions, as well as other products and services.

Systems Engineering, Inc. recommends QuickBooks® Point of Sales solutions for local and state REALTOR® associations that maintain "brick and mortar" stores and desire to track and manage item inventories. QuickBooks® with QuickBooks® Point Of Sales provides the features required for item maintenance, vendor purchase orders, and customer sales.

QuickBooks® Consulting Services

If your REALTOR® enterprise does not use Intuit's QuickBooks® financial software, we recommend that you consider converting from your existing financial software application to QuickBooks®. This is the best long-term plan for REALTOR® enterprise computing.

Navica Streamline AMS for Non QuickBooks® Software Enterprises

If you do not use QuickBooks® financial software, no worries!

-Navica Streamline AMS provides an Online "Paperless" Invoicing. That's right! REALTOR® Association and/or MLS staff bookkeepers no longer need to print and/or email invoices to your customers. All members simply login to Navica Streamline AMS to View, Print, and Pay their invoices online. The invoices and payments stay on their "wall" for easy future reference (IE.. Members don't need to call the board office). This is a huge benefit to REALTOR® Association and/or MLS staff persons who spend a great deal of time verifying changing email addresses, printing invoices, and adding postage to envelopes. Save scarce resources, go paperless with Navica Streamline AMS!   

-Navica Streamline AMS integrates with the REALTOR® Ecommerce Network External Interface automatically. This means that all approved payment methods (Discover, VISA, MasterCard, AmerExpr, Electronic Checks, etc.) transfer funds into your bank account(s) seamlessly. The National Association of REALTORS® provides an ACH Detail Report that lists all of the credit card and electronic check payments that have cleared the bank. This report also provides the credit card fees. This report makes it easy to record payments into QBO or other financial applications.